A powerful web-based, data mining tool designed specifically for market research analysts.

POWERTAB™ is designed and engineered by market
research survey professionals that have years of
experience dealing with survey data.

POWERTAB™ allows you to access ALL your survey data,
closed-ended AND open-ended unstructured verbatim text,
for immediate answers and insight.

POWERTAB™ allows users to drill into existing survey data. Users can create custom crosstabs from either the existing hosted survey or from final custom tabs. Users can also create custom banners, stubs, or filters, which can be outputted as either tables or graphics into Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Imports Confirmit, Dechipher, Survey Monkey, SPSS.

Unlimited Possibilities

Free & Easy

  • NO licensing costs
  • NO add-on or hidden costs
  • NO training needed
  • NO per job costs (if partnering with Intelli-Sync Ltd)

No Grunt Work

  • We handle everything leaving you free to analyze data for insights
  • Your hosted web survey is available for immediate analysis
  • Your final custom tabs can be imported for even greater data mining
  • Web accessible 24/7 on any device

Unlimited Flexibility

  • All survey-related documentation is imported with job
  • Projects automatically become your online 24/7 job archive
  • Customizable to YOUR applications, proprietary calculations or analyses
  • Can be branded & accessed for internal departmental use or external client use

Text Analytics

  • Uses an advanced AI-assisted tool for tagging, categorizing, and analyzing unstructured text
  • Transforms all unstructured text into actionable insight via interactive graphics
  • Capture and code responses while field is live or in bulk when field is closed
  • Detail coding via AI, machine learning, text analytics, along with human oversight

Immediate Answers & Insights

No internal or external DP channels to go through, get immediate answers and insights. Speed throughout reducing your overall turnaround and delivery times. Every job is accessible 24/7 to review documentation or compare past data to a current project. Grant access to your clients and lock them into you for all future projects.